Recording and Analysis of Human Motion with Inertial Suit

Monday, September 16, 16:45-18:15

Eryk J. Lipinski (M.Sc, Eng., CEO), Krzysztof Nowak

Inertial Suit contains biomechanical model of human body that is fed real-time data from live actor from 17 Inertial Measuring Units (IMUs) located on actor’s body. It’s main purpose is to do Motion Capture of human body.

It is a robust research and training tool with multiple applications: from simple movement recording through analyzing biomechanical aspects like angles and accelerations of specific body segments, detecting defined events, searching for problems in gait of sportsmen – to sophisticated group training systems immersed in Virtual Reality.

In our workshop session we want to show full body recording and potential measurements and analysis. We will show how system can warn about certain defined thresholds being crossed (function called bio-feedback). Discussion may cover potential applications in participant’s field.

About speakers

Eryk J. Lipinski has 20 years of experience with GNSS satellite-based positioning and inertial stabilization and 3D-orientation. He runs solution center company GPS.PL and delivers Motion Capture solutions to customers in fields of soldier training and simulation, computer game manufacturing and sports. He is Certified Running Gait Analyst and Trimble Certified Mapping Trainer.

Krzysztof Nowak is a technician at GPS.PL with experience in testing and configuration of MoCap systems.