Plenary – An Overview of Cognitive Radar with applications and examples

Alfonso Farina (speaker), Antonio De Maio, Simon Haykin

How cognitive is the Radar today? The answer to this question comes from the four principles of cognition: perception-action cycle, memory, attention and intelligence. The talk starts from having a glance at history of Radar; it then moves to Mimicking Nature for Adaptivity/Knowledge based in Radar, up to Cognitivity and its potential applications to Radars with expected operational benefits. Results, perspectives, and status of R&D abroad follow. The lecture follow the guidelines of the recent published book: A. Farina, A. De Maio, S. Haykin, (Editors), “The impact of Cognition on Radar Technology”, Scitech Publishing, an Imprint of the IET Publisher, 2017. In addition, it accounts for the lectures given by the first and second authors to the NATO SET-216 Lecture Series – Cognition and Radar Sensing.

Alfonso FARINA (FIEEE, FIET, FREng, Fellow of EURASIP) received his doctor degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Rome (IT) in 1973. In 1974, he joined Selenia, then Selex ES, where he became Director of the Analysis of Integrated Systems Unit, Director of Engineering of Large Business Systems Division, and senior VP and Chief Technology Officer. From 1979 to 1985, he was also professor of “Radar Techniques” at the University of Naples (IT). He is author of more than 800 peer-reviewed technical publications and of books and monographs. Some of the most significant awards he received include the (2004) Leader of the team that won the First Prize of the first edition of the Finmeccanica Award for Innovation Technology; (2010) IEEE Dennis J. Picard Medal for Radar Technologies and Application; (2019) Christian Hülsmeyer Award from German Institute of Navigation (DGON): “In appreciation of his outstanding contribution to radar research and education”. Today, Dr. Farina is a Visiting Professor at University College London (UCL), Dept. Electronic and Electrical Engineering, Visiting Professor at Cranfield University (UK) and a Distinguished Lecturer (DL) of IEEE-AESS and SP. He is a consultant to Leonardo “Land & Naval Defense Electronics Division” (Rome).