Industrial – Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR) – Application of Advanced Signal Processing in Defense

Eryk J. Lipinski (M.Sc, Eng., CEO GPS.PL)

Accurate, reliable and precise position and time measurements are crucial for land, air and sea operations where effects from diverse sources must be coordinated in space and time.
Adversaries may choose to jam GNSS for tactical purposes and may deploy many small low power jammers to disrupt GNSS over wide areas.
New GNSS technology addresses the needs of Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR), including Electronic Protection, Electronic Support and Electronic Attack. This equipment ensures continuous positioning even in the face of interference and jamming. New techniques provide users with the ability to detect, locate and characterize interference sources.
GNSS jammers, jamming detectors and locators, CRPA anti-jamming antennas will be discussed.


Eryk J. Lipinski has 20 years of experience with GNSS satellite-based positioning and inertial stabilization and 3D-orientation. He runs solution center company GPS.PL and delivers dual-use, off-the-shelf and military solutions to Polish defense companies.