Evening Session on Personal Development

Dorota Myko (Warsaw University of Technology)

We would like to cordially invite all participants to join the presentation about happiness in our lives, which shows various ways of achieving happiness and getting away from stress.

Good health and feeling of happiness can be measured by different parameters such as, for example, physiological homeostasis (homeostatic equilibrium), psychological wellbeing or the social survey. In order to deal with it philosophers and social psychologists carry out research into a good balance between positive and negative stress in our lives. In Poland a special “social diagnosis” and “onion theory of happiness” were presented by Prof. Janusz Czapiński.

According to Polish psychologist Prof. Kazimierz Dąbrowski, who was the author of the “theory of positive disintegration”, before feeling undiluted happiness in one context we should experience an intermediate period of disintegration. It is good to accept this metamorphosis and after that we can enter the next level of our personality development.

In the experiment of Jane Eliot (antidiscrimination activist in the US) we will see how important empathy is in our lives. It can be shown in the case of racial discrimination – Jane Eliot’s ‘Blue eyes – Brown eyes’ experiment. Moreover, in the explanation given by a Polish neurobiologist Prof. Jerzy Vetulani we find out that a situation in the early childhood influences all human life and in fact this is the source of our optimism or pessimism.

Another strong factor of our health and happiness is our diet. Also, we know today that feeling of happiness can be strengthened through special exercises.

Dorota Myko graduated from Warsaw University with a master’s degree of Librarianship, then did two postgraduate studies:
at Paris-Nord University XIII – Publishing Studies
and at Warsaw School of Economics (SGH) in cooperation with Haute Ecole de Commerce (HEC, France) – Masters of European and  Industrial Marketing and Management.
Since 2005 she has been working at Warsaw University of Technology at the Faculty of Electronics and Information Technologies in the Department of Promotion and Information.
Dorota Myko’s hobby was, between 2013 and 2016, ceramics, then since 2017 she has been involved in graphics (linocut).