Call for papers


  • Abstract submission: 24.02.2019 04.03.2019
  • Notification for Authors: 15.04.2019
  • Early participants’ registration: 10.06.2019
  • Full paper submission: 30.06.2019

Successful authors will be invited to submit a full paper of 6 A4 pages maximum by 30 June 2019.


  • Audio Signal Processing and Voice Recognition
  • Algorithms for Real-Time Processing
  • Cognitive Functions
  • Compression Techniques
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Human Factor in Signal Processing
  • Image Processing and Recognizing
  • Localization and Tracking
  • Man Machine Interface
  • Radar and Sonar Imaging
  • Radar Signal Processing
  • RF and Radar Technology
  • Security Applications
  • Geoscience and Remote Sensing
  • Signal Processing Components
  • Signal and Image Processing for Medical Applications
  • Space Technology
  • Tele-Informatics and Communication
  • Tomography and Medical Image Reconstruction
  • Waveform Design Techniques

Conference content will be submitted for inclusion into IEEE
Xplore database. Authors of selected papers will be asked
to submit their extended work to International Journal
of Electronics and Telecommunications. Symposium Proceedings
are also available for participants in digital form.

The Young Scientist Contest will be organized as a part
of the SPSympo-2019. The papers approved for presentation
during the symposium and entering into the competition,
are to be evaluated for content, presentation manner,
and visual aspects. Best works are to be distinguished
with the first, second, and third awards.