This is archived site of SPSympo 2017 conference.


How to get there?

Centrum Badań i Edukacji Statystycznej GUS (GUS Training Center)
Jachranka 81
05-140 Serock, Poland
(+48) 22 768 14 94
Location N 52.480827 E 20.974982

If you arrive to Warsaw by a train or a bus - free bus from Warsaw city center

On the first conference day (September 12, 2017) there will be a bus available from Warsaw directly to the SPSympo-2017 venue. This service will be available to all conference participants free of charge. See details regarding time and place of the departure below.
If you are interested in using this option please contact the Organizing Chair by e-mail at, unless you have already submitted this info in the SPSympo-2017 Attendee Survey. Please note that on September 14, 2017 there will also be a bus to Warsaw after the conference closing.
On September 12, 2017 the bus will depart from Pl. Politechniki 1 (just form a square in front of the WUT main building) at 7:30AM. Note: This bus might also stop at Warszawa Wschodnia (Lubelska) station (Warsaw East station) around 8:15. This will depend on whether there are conference guests who want to start there. All interested who would prefer to board the bus at Warszawa Wschodnia station rather than in the Warsaw center please let us know by e-mail at
If you need some information on how to get around Warsaw, please, download our information brochure with useful transportation tips, general background information about Warsaw and selected sightseeing recommendations.

If you arrive to Warsaw by air

To get to the SPSympo-2017 location in Jachranka, you are strongly suggested to take a train directly from the airport to LEGIONOWO station. While there, you will be picked up by one of our volunteers who will drive you straight to the conference venue. This will be, however, possible ONLY IF you let us know a specific date and time of your arrival beforehand. Please, contact the Conference Organizing Chair (at with relevant details of your itinerary as soon as you know you would need our assistance.
The Chopin Airport is linked to Legionowo (across the city center) by a railway service. The service is operated by two companies: Szybka Kolej Miejska (SKM) and Koleje Mazowieckie (KML).


SKM S3 (route Line 3) trains operate on a route to WIELISZEW. You need to get off at LEGIONOWO station. See timetable & fares (


Chopin Airport is also served by KML airport trains operated by Koleje Mazowieckie (Masovian Railways). You need to take a train to LEGIONOWO station (MODLIN route trains).
See timetable & fares (
If you arrive to MODLIN Airport you need to take a train (operated by Koleje Mazowieckie) to LEGIONOWO station.


SKM trains serving Chopin Airport are part of the Public Transport Authority of Warsaw’s public transport network (ZTM).
Chopin Airport commuters can buy ZTM tickets:

  • at the Passenger Information Point in the arrivals hall,
  • from ticket machines next to the train station entrance,
  • from ticket machines in SKM trains.