Welcome Message from the Chairman of Signal Processing Symposium

In 2003, 12th IEEE-SPIE Symposium on Advanced Electronics was organized and for the first time I have chaired the Digital Signal Processing and Radar Signal Processing Session. That Session gathered more than 30 participants and 4 guests from abroad. Nineteen high level articles were presented at oral and poster sessions. The main goal of that symposium was to create forum for students and scientists to present their latest research results and establish new contact, It has been assessed as a very successful event. That fact has led me and my students from The Radiolocation and Digital Signal Processing Students' Research Group to organize the second edition of that symposium - Signal Processing Symposium Wilga 2005 in Wilga Village .
The Signal Processing Symposium Wilga 2005 will be held on 3-5th June 2005 at Warsaw University of Technology in the Holiday Camp in Wilga Village (near Warsaw). That symposium is a part of the XIV IEEE-SPIE Symposium on Advanced Electronics and all delegates will also have access to the parallel sessions provided at that conference.

Krzysztof Kulpa
Chairman of the Signal Processing Symposium

General Information

The Signal Processing Symposium Wilga 2005 will be held on 3-5th June 2005 at MSWiA Holiday Camp Wilga Village:
08-407 Wilga ul.Brzozowa 1
tel., fax: (+48) 25 6853193, (+48) 25 6853023

Wilga Village is situated at 15ha fenced pinery which create specific microclimate. This camp provide many entertainment such as: horse riding, swimming pool, tennis, team games.

How to get there?

Wilga village is located near Warsaw (about 60km). The information about how to get there are available at web site: http://nms.ise.pw.edu.pl/wilga/2004/eng/village.php

Participation costs

The Symposium's participation costs are really minimal. There is no conference fee. The only costs are accommodation in the Wilga MSWiA Holiday Camp. The costs for 2005 are estimated to be 60 Polish Zloty, which is around 15 euro, per day, including accommodation and three meals a day.

The Session publications

The Session publication are subject to a standardized peer reviewing process, as in archival journals, and are printed in renowned series Proceedings of SPIE (http://www.spie.org and http://www.spie.pl) in English language. Some papers are also published in Elektronika Monthly, a journal of Association of Polish Electrical Engineers. Elektronika is a medial patron of the Symposium. Also all Proceedings (paper version) are available for participants as a additional CD-ROM at the conference.

The official language of the Session is English.

The Symposium Session

- Imaging processing and recognizing
- High resolution images obtained in SAR, ISAR and IFSAR techniques
- Detection of weak signals
- Moving Target Detection
- Algorithms for real-time processing
- DSP Algorithms
- PLD implementation of DSP algorithms
- Software and Hardware for Digital Signal Processing
- Remote Sensing
- Microwave Techniques
- Space Technology and Satellite Systems
- Advanced Techniques
- Radiocommunication and software radio
- Digital navigation
- Teleinformatics
- Other

Information about the Session

All information about the Session - paper submission, registration, room booking (only for foreign participants) are available only through electronic way under the address: kkulpa@ise.pw.edu.pl
Session chairman:

Krzysztof S. Kulpa,
Institute of Electronic Systems,
Warsaw University of Technology
Nowowiejska 15/19
Warszawa, POLAND

Organize Committee:

Dr. Krzysztof Kulpa
Institute of Electronic Systems
Warsaw University of Technology
Phone: +4822-660 74 78
Fax: +4822-825 23 00
e-mail: k.kulpa@ise.pw.edu.pl

Radiolocation and Digital Signal Processing
Students' Research Group
Warsaw University of Technology
Phone: +4822-660 55 88

e-mail: rdsp@ise.pw.edu.pl